#31 Zita Johann

18 05 2010

As Princess Ankhesenamón in The Mummy

Hungarian born Zita Johann began her acting career in theater and then D.W. Griffith’s last film, The Struggle, and to this day her most famous role was as Boris Karloff’s love interest and her reincarnation in Karl Freund’s The Mummy.

After only seven movies, she quit to work in theater with John Houseman, who would become her husband, and Orson Welles.  She remarried twice, and lived with John Huston for a time.

During WWII she fundraised for many wartime charites, and put on shows for departing soldiers.  She also taught acting to people with learning disabilities.  In 1986 she returned to movies in Raiders of the Living Dead.  Zita died in 1993 at 89.




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