#41 Zelda Rubinstein

28 05 2010

Zelda Rubinstein in "Anguish".

Zelda Rubinstein was born in Pittsburgh in 1933, the only little person in her family, and recieved her education in bacteriology at university of Pittsburgh and University of California at Berkley, and worked in science fields in the US and Great Britain before returning to the states and taking up acting.

Her first major role as the psychic Tangina in Poltergeist remains her most famous, and was reprised in Poltergeist II and III.  Along with many TV roles which called for a Spooky Psychic Person, she was also in various culty movies like Under The Rainbow, Sixteen Candles, Anguish, Teen Witch, Timemaster, Wishcraft, Southland Tales, and Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

A spirited and articulate advocate for the rights of little people, and for HIV/AIDS prevention and cures, Zelda died in January, 2010, leaving a daughter, five grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and a legacy of spirited and charming performances often more memorable than the movies they graced.




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