#47 Winona Ryder

1 06 2010

Winona in "Beetlejuice".

Born in Minnesota, Winona’s birth name was Winona Laura Horowitz, and she took her stage name from the Mitch Ryder recording her father was playing. Her parents are authors and creative intellectuals, and she was raised in communes and home schooled in her early years.  Timothy Leary was her godfather, and Allen Ginsberg and Phillip Dick were family friends.

Just three films into her acting career, when she was just 19, Tim Burton cast her in Beetlejuice, the first of several horror, black comedy and science fiction roles, including Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, Dracula, Alien Resurrection, S1m0ne, A Scanner Darkly, Sex and Death 101, and Star Trek.




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