#63 Alison Lohman

31 07 2010

Born in Palm Springs in 1979 to a non-theatrical family, Alison Lohman finished high school before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a film career.  Genre movies include Kraa! The Sea Monster, Planet Patrol, The Thirteenth Floor, Big Fish, Beowulf, and Gamer.  A stunning beauty with acting chops and ability to play younger than her age, she has received good notices, often in little seen pictures. The reason she’s included here is her performance as Christine Brown in Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell.  Ellen Page was originally cast as the ethically challenged loan officer who attracts a gypsy curse, but had a scheduling issue and was replaced by a reluctant Lohman.  She gives us a wonderful character who gets an out-of-proportion comeuppance in classic EC Comics style.




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