#85 Juliet Mills

8 01 2011

Acting was certainly the family business for young Juliet, as her father Sir John Mills was a reknowned actor, and her mother Mary Hayley Bell, Lady Mills, an actress and playwright.  When little sister Hayley began acting in Disney films, Juliet began stage work, and by 1960 had a Tony for her work in Five Finger Exercise.  She also did a great deal of television work in the 60’s, including The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Alias Smith and Jones, and the lead on Nanny and the Professor.  Her upbeat, fastidious but agreeable manner has placed her in a lot of TV and mainstream family dramas, so why is she here?  The 1974 Italian Exorcist/Rosemary’s Baby swipe Beyond the Door, where she is very solid when the rest of the picture isn’t.  She has also done a bit more fantasy and horror, including Demon, Demon, and Waxwork II: Lost In Time.  And, she was memorable during her run on the supernatural soap Passions, as ‘good witch’ Tabitha Lenox, and won a Daytime Emmy.  Like her third and current husband, Maxwell Caulfield, she has also appeared on the ABC soap All My Children.




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